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Re: Gentoo Linux realeased on Alpha

I wouldnt consider that a port of their distro.  More like a port of
their stage1 tarball.  I installed it on my alpha.  Once you are done
the install, thats it, thats as far as that goes.  Fat chance installing
anything useful.  I wasnt able to install anything until i manually
unmasked all the packages (which did not include "alpha" for supported
archs).  But even then Mozilla didnt build.  

I dont mean to be mean towards Gentoo, but i think they jumped the gun
on that one.

Richard Fillion

On Wed, 2002-09-25 at 21:38, Rob Byrnes wrote:
> Apologies for the cosspost, but it's nice to see Gentoo have a port of 
> their distro on the Alpha processor.
> More info at http://www.gentoo.org
> cheers,
> rob
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