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Re: Linux Super Page presentation in USA

Hello Naohiko,

Well Done on your Super Page patches for Alpha.  For many apps, the
improvement in performence is really amazing.  I hope to have time to 
head down to Virginia from Boston.

Best Regards,


On Tuesday 17 September 2002 23:48, Naohiko Shimizu wrote:
> Hi, all.
> I will visit US this week, and have a presentation about the
> Linux Super Page at 22 Sep. MEDEA workshop, Charlottesville,Virginia.
> http://moss.csc.ncsu.edu/pact02/
> I want to meet anyone who is interesetd in
> the superpage or wants to discuss directly with me.
> I will leave Charlottesville at 25th morning.
> Naohiko Shimizu
> http://shimizu-lab.dt.u-tokai.ac.jp/

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