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Re: Bug#160425: libdbd-pg-perl: DBD::Pg refuses to install with Perl 5.8

Le Wed, Sep 11, 2002 at 08:55:03AM -0500, Gunnar Wolf écrivait:
> Well, I run unstable on an Alpha machine, I guess it was not built for
> this architecture - I update/dist-upgrade at least twice a week... And
> here is what I have: (right after updating)

Yes, you're right. The build fails on alpha (and hppa) :

But as you can see in the buildd log, it's not at all related to
libdbd-pg-perl, but it looks like there's a bug in libpgsql2 since
it fails during the install by the buildd.

I'm ccing the postgresql maintainer and the alpha porters to see if
someone can track down the problem and file an appropriate bug report
(and/or correct the buildd machine if there's something wrong with it).

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