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Re: change X


That seems to work. However it changes my screen from 800x600 in the actual
screen to 800x600 and the screen scrolls if that makes any sense! What I
would really like to do is change the horiz refresh rate to 56mhz from 60mhz
so that the 800x600 takes up more of the screen width at the moment it's
only using about 75%. DOes anyone know of a way to do this. I see in
XF86config there is a list of screen depths witha # at the start though none
are unhashed so i don't know which one to edit. Also I set my screen up
using a graphical tool that happende when I installed the X server using
dselect I can;t seem to be able to get it to repeat this action even after
de/re installing the S3 X server!

Thanks for any help!


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> --- Peter Watkinson <peter.watkinson1@ntlworld.com>
> wrote:
> > Hi folks,
> >
> > I'd like to change thresolution of my display for X.
> > Is there a command
> > to do this?
> >
> ctl-alt-(+/-) I believe. those will change your
> resolution for X based on what it has setup in the
> XF86Config file.
> Aaron
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