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Re: web wysiwig

I've never used a wysiwig tool to do webpages so i dont know what constitutes a good one, but Mozilla Composer, which is exactly like Netscape Composer seems to work alright.  

VIm and Notepad are my HTML editors of choice.

Richard Fillion

peter.watkinson1@ntlworld.com wrote:
>Is there a web page building tool for Debian Alpha Linux? I use Frontpage on my Legosoft TM machine and I'm (or was) actually employed as a Web developer. I know lots of people rave about Dreamweaver but I particularly like the publishing tool with frontpage and the HTML is no problem being a notepad refugee. I think that the Mozilla people could produce a good tool. I think there is one with kde but I'm happy using Gnome at the moment.
>Thanks for any help.
>Kind regards,
>Peter Watkinson
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