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Re: alpha bios

Peter Petrakis wrote:
Does someone of you still have an bios/firmware image-file for this machine in his archives/backups/whatever.

Well, I was going to wait until I could get something 'extra' up there
but since there's a need.


wow - thanks a lot!
now I'm not sure, if my mobo has a defect cache, or if the flashing didn't work... when I activate the 4mB cache on it, it refuses to start with one long and 3 short beeps, which means that the cach is not ok...

does someone now a trick how to erase the installed bios, that it has to install the new one?

right now, it tells me that it is already flashed, because the installed version is newer than the one on disk.

I can't find something in the manual...



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