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Maybe a week back i asked for suggestions for harddrive controllers,
well i bought one yesterday, a Promise Ultra133 TX/2, the best one that
my local harddware store had, plus it indicated on the box that it had
linux support.  

So i installed the card, took out the manual to see if it had any
special linux stuff, all it had was a link to their website, from which
i was unable to find ANY linux support/drivers/anything.  Their disk
only has drivers for windows.

So, i checked my 2.4.17 sources, and they had promise drivers, but not
for this EXACT chipset, they have from what i can see up to the Ultra100
but not the 133.  I figured i'd give those drivers a chance seeing how
at this point they are my only lifeline.

I have a 60gig seagate IDE harddrive and a LG IDE burner attached to the
controller, so i compiled in ide support, ide/ata-2 support, scsi
emulation (for the burner),  generic pci ide chipset support, and the
promise drivers.

The total size of the kernel comes up to 4017607bytes.  I added the
kernel to aboot's config, rebooted, and went to boot it, i got:

failed to send Read to dka0.
failed to send Read to dka0.  (about 10 of these)
ext2_blkno: error on iblk read

and all of that would repeat forever.  Could it be that the kernel is
too big for aboot?  Its my biggest kernel yet, thats why im suspecting

So i tried compiling all the stuff as modules, but when i would modprobe
ide-disk, i'd get no errors, but no disk at /dev/hda either.

Could anyone give me a hand?

Richard Fillion

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