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Re: Help with compiling a kernel

On Tue 16 Jul 2002, CiAsA S'Nuey Boark wrote:
> 	Im having a bit of trouble compiling my own kernel for my PW500a (miata).  
> The default kernel (2.2.18) does not have support for the onboard sound card, 
> and I wanted to compile a newer kernel to add support for this.  I have run 
> into a few problems along the way.  I have included the kernel config as an 
> attachment just incase it helps.  I have experience with compiling kernels on 
> x86 architectures, but I haven't had much success with doing it on alpha yet.
> The first time I compiled a new kernel (2.2.19) I was getting IRQ conflicts 
> between the ide channels and some other device (the text would scroll by too 
> fast to see what the other device was, but i would assume it was the 
> soundcard, as its the only hardware that I added support for).  The IRQ 
> conflicts prevented the computer from booting up successfully, so I tried 
> again compiling IDE support as a module.

I'd also recommend compiling sound as a module.

> Right now it seems that everything works except the keyboard.  For some reason 
> the keyboard is not being recognised, and keypresses do nothing.  Other than 
> that the system seems to work fine, X loads and sits at kdm.  I cant do a 
> dmesg to see what hardware was or was not detected, so I'm having to just 
> assume that everything else is working.

That's wierd.
Can you connect to the system via a network? That would give you a way
to investigate things.

> My questions are these:
> 1.  Is there any reason _not_ to use a 2.4 kernel, or is there a specific 
> release in the 2.4 branch that is known to work well with aplha.

No problem, I've used 2.4.18 for a long time, I went to 2.4.19-rc2 today
because I had to recompile anyway (I was adding a network card I hadn't
configured in 2.4.18).

> 2.  Does anyone know why the keyboard is not being recognised (its a PS/2, 
> works fine in alphabios and milo, once kernel boots it stops working)

No idea.

> 3.  Coule anyone else with a miata post their kernel config (for any 2.2 or 

Sorry, I have an XLT366 (Alcor / Bret).



> # CONFIG_MAGIC_SYSRQ is not set

This one I'd recommend, then you could at least try ctrl-alt-sysreq-s to
see if it'll sync the filesystems (and then ctrl-alt-sysreq-b to boot).

Paul Slootman

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