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Re: Bloody alpha ignorant

> > > vmunix: tu0 at eisa0
> > > vmunix: tu0: DEC TULIP (10Mbps) Ethernet Interface, hardware address: 08-00-2B-93-71-D3
> > > vmunix: tu0: no console mode: defaulting to 10BaseT (UTP) port: half duplex
> >
> > I got the thing to install on a second SCSI disk that was left in the
> > box, unused (/dev/sdb). Problem: It won't find the tulip NIC!!
> >
> > Is there anything I have to do before it finds that? I tried tulip and
> > tulip_old with the default settings.
> Oh, and another thing: My partitioning sucked bigtime (aboot wan't
> able to write it's stuff) -- is there a recommended layout (for a 1GB
> disk - and 256 MB RAM)?
> For the time being I rebooted in OSF/1 -- which still works - phew!

For aboot to be able to install the boot loader, you need to leave unused
the first sector on your system - Yes, used by the 'c' (wholedisk)
partition, but empty otherwise. Here is the output for my HD:

$ /sbin/fdisk /dev/hda
Detected an OSF/1 disklabel on /dev/hda, entering disklabel mode.
To return to DOS partition table mode, use the 'r' command.

BSD disklabel command (m for help): p

7 partitions:
#       start       end      size     fstype   [fsize bsize   cpg]
  a:        2      4065      4064       ext2
  b:    39286     39693       408       swap
  c:        1     39693     39693     unused        0     0
  d:     4065     12191      8127       ext2
  e:    12192     20514      8323       ext2
  f:    20514     28836      8323       ext2
  g:    28837     39285     10449       ext2

You can see that, while 'c' occupies from sector 1 until 39693, its
filesystem is marked as 'unused' - Alphas, as many other Unix
architectures, require partition c to be the 'wholedisk' partition. Yes,
swriteboot will still complain about this, but you can safely ignore it.
Take a look at man swriteboot - I usually do:

swriteboot -f3 /dev/hda /boot/bootlx


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