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Netbooting a DEC 3000 m300

I'm trying to netboot a DEC 3000 m300 workstation (two in fact)

No floppy, no cd-roms, only Tru64 installed.

I've got the TFTP and BOOTP parts nice. In fact, it starts to boot.

But it dies after: 
Linux/AXP bootp loader for Linux 2.2.18pre21
Expected vptb at 0000000200000000, got 0000000000000000

	PC=00000000,20000014 PSL= 00000000,00001F00


Any ideas?

Tried both tftpboot.img from woody and potato, they both look bad.

What am I missing? If all else fails, I have a couple of i386 based machines 
around, how can I cross-compile an alpha kernel, wrap it in a tftpboot.img 
files (with whatever else is required) and try again?

Have fun,


I don't suffer from insanity; I enjoy every minute of it.

Christian Lavoie, christian.lavoie@mail.mcgill.ca

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