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more multia (are we tired of this yet?)


i dredged up an old m$ busmouse and inport card.  

i put it in one of the isa slots in the 433a.
there is nothing i can find in the cmos setup
or other configuration views that shows it.
it is jumpered for irq 5.

Section "Pointer"
#       Protocol "PS/2"
#       Device "/dev/mouse"
        Protocol "BusMouse"
        Device "/dev/inportbm"

Fatal server error:
Cannot open mouse (No such device)

does anyone know how to find out about irq conflicts
on a multia??  thanks.

also, i began to doubt that any of the serial ports were
really working (see previous posting).  however, i also
hauled out a vt510 and turned on the gettys as per inittab
and they both work.... but not as busmouse..

thanks mucho


Dave Mallery, K5EN
PO Box 520
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no gates
  no windows...

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free at last!

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