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Re: powerstorm 300

> On Tue, Feb 12, 2002 at 02:14:27PM +0100, Escario Julien wrote:
>> What's the real name of powerstorm 300 ?
>> I've seen 4D51T, on the card there's intense 3D.
>> I didn't find something about it in xfree4 ...
>> Does anyone report success with this card ?
> There's no success under XFree86 any release, as there's no driver for
> it, and no likely to be; it's a proprietary chipset that DEC/COMPAQ
> OEM's from elsewhere (Evans and Sutherland?), and therefore unlikely to
> ever have a driver under XFree86.
> Sorry.
> --Jay++

Ok thanks for your response.
And with a commercial xfree ?

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