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Re: Installing a package interactively

Jim Woodruff wrote:

Thanks for the tip about reconfiguring debcon. It seems to work
now exect for another problem that I believe is in your area as

I have an DEC alpha SX164 which is a 21164PC and should require
the cpml-ev5. When running the apt-get install the dialog tells
me that I should be using the cpml-ev6. I tell it to install
anyway and the install aborts trying to configure the cpml-ev5.

Any ideas?

The CPML packages come with a little program called /usr/sbin/implver, which is used to determine the CPU type, written by Falk Hueffner to correct just this type of problem (http://bugs.debian.org/96332). Can you send me the output of that program on your machine?

I'm again CCing debian-alpha, because I really don't understand the full details of /proc/cpuinfo entries nor exactly how implver works.


-Adam P.

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