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Re: Video Card Problem

> On Dec 17, raptor-32@xgs.dhs.org illuminated :

<can't help with video card :( >

> Another problem i had is with a SB Live (yes, im a sucker for marketing
> when it comes to hardware).  Debian detects it, when i do cat /proc/pci,
> i see it, the driver installs just fine, i can do "cat /dev/sda >
> /dev/dsp" and no error occurs, but no sound comes out of the card. 
yep, that doesn't do diddly on any of my boxes either.   try cat'ing a
wav down /dev/dsp.  or apt-get install wavtools, and then wavp <wav_file>
check the volume settings (aumix or similar)

what kernel version are you running?

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