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Re: unaligned traps

On Mon, 10 Dec 2001, Bayer, Christoph wrote:

> I'm using Debian 2.2r4 on a noname board (ev4).
> Almost everything works well, but I have one
> problem: Two programs produced unaligned
> traps: dnrd and pinger (squid package). Who
> maintains these packages? It would be possible
> for me to re-compile these packages, but someone
> else will have the same problems too...

Those packages will need more than just a recompile to get rid of
unaligned traps.  In short, the traps are just warnings that the program
is trying to access data that isn't aligned properly.  The warnings are
just warnings, but they are ugly and bugs should be filed against the
packages in question so that the code can be looked at again (and bug
reports also give us a reference for testing future versions for the same
problem).  Also, unaligned accesses do take additional processor cycles to
perform the fixups needed to get the data in question, so it's also a
performance hit.  If you're not too concerned with the latter and just
want to disable seeing the warnings, I can probably either dig out or
write a kernel patch to do so and sent it to you.


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