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Re: Slllloooowwww Alpha

> > Yup. 64-bit support has REALLY become better in XFree 4.1 - When I had
> > 3.3.6, I had at least one crash a day, and it was considerably slower. I
> > now use XFree 4.1 (on Sid), and it works MUCH better. Still, ocassionally
> > I get an X freeze, and it still feels slower than on a regular PC... But
> > not like before.
> What card are you using?
> Also, any additional details (re: machine) would be helpful... ;-}

Right now, I am pretty happy with it, so I would not tweak it too much ;-)

I am using an ATI Mach32; I had used this card and a S3 Virge, with more
or less the same results. It is a 600MHz LX164, 128MB RAM

Gunnar Wolf - gwolf@campus.iztacala.unam.mx - (+52-55)5623-1118

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