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filling up pt_regs by myself


 Is there any functions that i can use to setup pt_regs structure

For example how can I take a following  i386 system call  to alpha 

 sys_mycall( struct pt_regs regs)
	my_function( &regs);


I tried to do it same way . But then the value of members of  regs
structure  that i am  getting are corrupted. Later looking into the
source i found that for most of  alpha  system call is defined something

 sys_mycall( arg1, arg2, arg3.....)

So i replaced the above function definition with 

 sys_mycall( argument1, argument 2 argument ) here consider  it takes
only three arguments ... 

But now how i will pass the regs structure to my_function . Is there any
already existing function that help me to do that something like
save_regs(&regs) ? Or do i need to hand code all the saving by itself.
Can I use SAVE_ALL #define defined in entry.S .

Thanks in advance . 


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