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Re: reiserfs on all my SRM-alpha drives: how I did it

Just today, I converted the partition that I use to hold a partial Debian
mirror to reiserfs.  I already had a reiserfs partition on my i386 (which
also held a partial mirror) and have had nothing but good experiences with
it, so I figured "why not?".

On Fri, 26 Oct 2001, James D. Freels wrote:

> Because I have been happy with reiserfs on my Intel Linux machines, 
> I have just converted all my ext2 filesystems to reiserfs filesystems on 
> my first Alpha machine (after testing a single filesystem for a few days).  
> All appears well.  My system is SRM based, and since aboot doesn't 
> recognize reiserfs yet, I had to pull a few configuration tricks to get 
> things like I want.  All partitions except the boot partition (sda1) were 
> easily converted by copying contents to another drive, issuing a 
> mkreiserfs on the empty partition, and copying the saved contents
> back to the new partition.  The boot partition required some more work.

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