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Re: Dropping alpha

Christopher C. Chimelis wrote:
Ron Farrer also has a stable machine and has volunteered to handle at
least this batch of compiles.  What packages needed updating again?

First of all, I must apologize for not having followed
the whole discussion as tightly as one should have had.
I'm pretty sure that some of my questions are FAQs, but
please could anyone summarize the whole task for "a lamer"
like me or point me to (a) document(s) where I can find
appropriate information.

My basic questions are:

What are the exact software requirements to do compilations
for stable? I assume that an up-to-date stable installation
is required (at least compiler and library wise) and that
a partially upgraded potato_r0 system would not be the best
point to start from ... (in addition: offering help by giving
online access doesn't look as a viable solution for me).

Does one have to be a debian developer to accomplish such

What is the exact procedure to do "official" compilations?

What would be the recommended way to set up an "Autobuilder"
feature (in this context for Debian/Alpha stable)?

Why is lully down? Is it really impossible to get access to
an appropriate replacement for it?


Again sorry for my ignorance,
Stefan Schroepfer

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