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Re: libgtk1.2, multipane apps, and Alpha

On Sat, 13 Oct 2001 chaton.jm@europemail.com wrote:

> * chaton.jm@europemail.com [Sat, 13/10/2001 at 11:45 +0200]
> > Looks like a buggy libgtk1.2 is back again in unstable, giving badly
> > sized panes in multipanes apps like xzgv, pan. This behaviour occurred
> > in the past but I can't be  more specific on the time frame. Can someone
> > confirm that, so that I could rule out a bad local config and file a
> > bug.
> OK a bug is already filed

Ugh.  Can you append a note to that bug saying that it's most likely that
we need to compile libgtk1.2 without optimisation to fix this?  I'll test
it out here and do a binary NMU, but changes really should be made to fix
this by the maintainer to compile without -O2 on Alpha.


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