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Re: non-US autobuilder?

On 2001.10.08 21:13 Ivan E. Moore II wrote:

> galeon wasn't built due to a missing build-depend.  This has been taken
> care of and all is in incoming.  You can always check the status of a
> buildd by checking http://buildd.debian.org/

Any idea what's up with mozilla itself?  buildd.debian.org claims that
2:0.9.4-4 was built successfully, but it is uninstallable:

Sorry, but the following packages have unmet dependencies:
  mozilla: Depends: mozilla-browser (= 2:0.9.4-4) but 2:0.9.3+0-3.0.1 is to
be installed
           Depends: mozilla-mailnews (= 2:0.9.4-4) but 2:0.9.3+0-3.0.1 is
to be installed
E: Sorry, broken packages

The build log for mozilla claims that the whole raft of binary packages was
built (on Oct. 3), but they have not appeared in unstable on


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