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Re: 2.4.x with SMP on Alpha

On Tue, 2 Oct 2001, Major A wrote:

> OK, that's what I've done, thanks. I spent ages trying to find a
> better list than this one for this debian-unrelated question...

If you have a patch/patches, can you post them here too?  We get kernel
questions quite a bit around here :-)

Also, don't worry about finding a non-debian list for Alpha
stuff...if it's alpha-related, I'm sure we're all happy to hear about 
problems here (I know that I am, especially kernel probs since I keep 
my own kernel CVS at home and am saving up some patches to send off
myself).  If it needs posting to other lists as well, someone will chime
in with where to forward a copy of the problem report :-)


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