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2.4.x with SMP on Alpha


I'm just wondering what experiences you guys have with linux kernel
2.4.x configured for SMP on Alpha (UP2000/DP264). I tried the latest

- 2.4.10: seems to fail to define the macro atomic_dec_and_lock
  (linux/spinlock.h) in various files like kernel/fork.c, resulting in
  undefined symbols. I think that linux/spinlock.h should be included
  (I followed the #include-s), but it isn't for some subtle reason.

- 2.4.9: bug in the pc_keyb driver, can be fixed with an extra
  #include, but even then some modules get undefined symbols (same as
  in 2.4.10).

Therefore I cannot run any of these kernels. The rest of the software
on this computer is a Debian potato (gcc 2.95.2).

Any feedback would be appreciated.


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