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my machine is going nuts

        Perhaps my previous message (with the ld.so issue) was incomplete. 
Instead, my machine went completely nuts. ld.so errors when logging in,
weird and un-repeatable building errors, various commands hung with no
warning or messages (mount, shutdown, etc.), finally succumbed to
Alt-SysReq. Machine seemed normal. Now, when I go back to building, I've
started getting silly build errors. "signal 11" failure, when I try again
sed complains about regular expression too big, on the third identical
"dpkg-buildpackage" it succeeds.

        The CPU temperature is normal, the machine has been running
continuously (albeit with very little load) for months in its present
configuration, then intermittently for a couple of years before that, all
without such random errors. Why are these stray cosmic rays not affecting
my x86 boxen?  ;(


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