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Re: internal error in make/gcc/c++

> Depends on the kernel. Do you have 2.4.x shmfs support activated?
> Older kernels only have 4MB shared memory, so you have to allocate
> less, could be that as well.

  Please, don't tell me there is no more shmem in earlier kernels... ;)
I may have shmfs disabled alltogether, though. Have to check (and
recompile the kernel - or is there an echo 1 >/proc/something

> Woody is as secure as potato at any given time. Its just that you have
> to watch for security updates or just keep it uptodate.

  Exactly: at any given time. Keeping it up to date beside all my
actual work is the problem. Running apt-get update; apt-get install
<what ever DSA told is buggy> is so quick. With no DSA to help me, I
will need to manually check everything every time they find something

> I wouldn't worry too much about security, since alpha has a high
> security by obscurity. Keep your firewall tight and watch the

  Firewall..? What firewall?-) I have an ipchains fw set up but it
does nothing else but logs anything suspicious since all unnecessary
ports are closed anyway. I might consider killing all SYN-bit-carrying
packets from outside the local network, though... (except to port 22,
of course)

> logfiles. (Do you trust your users?)


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