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Re: internal error in make/gcc/c++

> > MBMainWindow.C: In method `void MBMainWindow::openMB(char *)':
> > MBMainWindow.C:3542: Internal compiler error in `scan_region', at except.c:2566
> Try removing optimisation when compiling it (take out the "-O2" for that
> file).  There are quite a few optimiser problems in 2.95.x that have been
> fixed since the potato version.

  Thanks, Chris: Now the beauty compiles fine but when "make install"ed
and run, it claims it cannot get shared memory segment; claims shmget
returns errno 22: invalid argument! Is there something strange about
shmget + alpha?
  On another note, how bad (security wise) would upgrading to woody be
at this point? I suppose I could evade a number of problems, including
using XFree 3.3.6's xfs when straight-from-source 4.1 xfs does not
function (it simply hangs forever) and trying to make dx work (I
assume I could use sid's dx with woody: a quick manual check seems to
prove that all dependancies of dx/sid are met by woody packages).

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