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potato + xfree (3.3.6) + Matrox g450

  As per www.xfree.org, G450 is not supported by 3.3.6, but from what
I recall, the chip is actually the same as G400, which is supported
(and further, the xfree document is older than G450 card), so is it
possible to run XFree 3.3.6 w/ G450 on a potato alpha?
  I realise there are options, compile 4.1 myself (why not?) or
upgrade to sid (I grabbed 4.1 from sid - it complains about no usable
screens). What might be the most human thing to do? I would like to
keep a production (not yet) server stable, not unstable, but it is
also used to do some OpenGL stuff, so I really need the G450.
  From what I gather from lspci, the G450 is on second PCI bus (or bus
number 1): it is at 01:00.0. There were issues w/ second bus display
adapters some time ago, but I fail to remember what. Anyone?
  Machine: 2x667 on a UP2000+, running potato. Any help appreciated.

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		| home: http://www.utu.fi/~juolja/		|

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