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Re: Anyone running GTK and nessus on alpha?

Craig Small wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 04, 2001 at 12:20:11PM -0400, bad bob wrote:
> > If so, did you have any probs compiling?  Any funky reports of probs?
> Not with nessus and not with compiling, but BOY I have had one nightmare
> of a week with the alpha and anything gtk related.  The programs would
> start but no gui would come up.
> Effected gnome-panel, gnomexmms, gnomeicu, the gtk and gnome pluging for
> licq and pretty much any other gnome program.
> Didn't effect gnome-control-center.
> Not sure if it has anything to do with your problems or not.
I have had some library probs and int mismatch notes but 
I have not invoked nome or gtk yet, I hate being first and looking
dumb so I like to find out if someone had soem luck with it before
I mistype my commands a few dozen time!
Thanks for the note back, this gives me some hope!
>   - Craig
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