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Re: Help with a wacky problem..

Craig Small wrote:
> On Sat, Jul 28, 2001 at 02:58:06PM -0400, bad bob wrote:
> > SOrry to bother everyone with another one but:
> > Debian 2.2, potato, installed and running sweet.
> > Attempts to telnet or ftp to the box fial - host rejects it with
> > a closure of the the connection.
> Does it connect, wait, then disconnect or does it just disconnect
> immediately?
It connects, waits a tick or two, and then disconnects.
> > I have varified that I have the telnet listener up and available.
> That would be inetd.
> Are you sure you have a telnetd somewhere?
Yes, I have done a netstat -a, a ps -eaf, and it appears.
> What ftp are you usnig?
> > I have tried deleting the hosts.allow and hosts.deny files.
> deleting them should get aronud any tcpwrapper problems.
That was what I figured but, sometimes I miss things...
Thanks for the reply!

>   - Craig
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