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Re: help with Dec C compiler install

On Sat, 21 Jul 2001, bad bob wrote:
> > > I used rpm to install the packages:
> > > bard:/usr/local/ts10# rpm --install libots-2.2.7-2.alpha.rpm
> Michael,
> maybe I just don't understand, that was what I thought I had done.
> Built the deb alpha 2.2 version from scratch, added everything but
> X11, and then the dec/Q stuff.

	From your message it looks like you just used rpm to install the
redhat packages. The "proper debian way" to install them is to select the
debian packages (like from dselect) after you downloaded the rpms. Those
debian packages then would ask for the location of the rpms and would
handle the debianisation of those packages.


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