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help with Dec C compiler install

I am attempting to install dec c compiler for alpha linux on a debian
system (PC164-500).  I am new to linux so, pardon my stupidity if you

I need some help understanding this set of outputs:
I used rpm to install the packages:
bard:/usr/local/ts10# rpm --install libots-2.2.7-2.alpha.rpm
error: failed dependencies:
        ld-linux.so.2 is needed by libots-2.2.7-2
        libc.so.6.1 is needed by libots-2.2.7-2
>>>I don't understand these outputs, they don't seem to make sense.

bard:/usr/local/ts10# rpm --install cpml_ev5-5.1.0-2.alpha.rpm
error: failed dependencies:
        /bin/sh   is needed by cpml_ev5-5.1.0-2
>>>This one really does not make sense, there is a /bin/sh function,
I had the symlink, deleted that, copied over bash with a new name,
sh, cause I have plenty of space on this beast.

bard:/usr/local/ts10# rpm --install ccc-
error: failed dependencies:
        man is needed by ccc-
        /bin/sh   is needed by ccc-
        /bin/sh is needed by ccc-

>>thne I had the "brilliant" idea of isntalling this way:
bard:/usr/local/ts10# rpm --install --nodeps cpml_ev5-5.1.0-2.alpha.rpm
package cpml_ev5-5.1.0-2 is already installed
bard:/usr/local/ts10# rpm --install --nodeps ccc-
package ccc- is already installed
bard:/usr/local/ts10# rpm --install --nodeps libots-2.2.7-2.alpha.rpm
package libots-2.2.7-2 is already installed

Yes, I have picked up a good book on linux, am going thru all the docs,
but still ....
anyhelp greatly appreciated.

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