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Re: sym53x8xx.c

On Wed, 18 Jul 2001, Peter Petrakis wrote:

> You're not the only one. I'm seeing the same thing on 2.2.19 in the same
> place.

	I've never used 2.2.19, but stopped with 2.2.16. The last time i
think i had scsi breakage like this was in 2.2.13.

> Add this code in place of the assert in the symbios file so force an
> oops.

	Please take a look at

	I have not done much kernel hacking, so I don't know what effect
that patch would have.

> /* assert(k != -1); */
> if (!k != -1) {
> 	void *lr = __builtin_return_address(0);
>         printk(KERN_CRIT "kernel abort from %p!  BOMBED AGAIN\n",lr);
>         panic("K == -1, FAIL");
> }

	I'll try this this evening.

> Also. Is your machine SMP? If so is your RTC disabled? 
> I suspect this case occurs when the SCSI bus is saturated and a reset
> is then  produced. Actually one happend on the machine as I was
> unzipping 
> the 2.4.6 kernel but it did not get to my panic code... Could be a
> timing
> issue... 

	I have a single processor box, RTC is enabled. I'm only seeing the
breakage now when I use my cd burner. Most of my system is still IDE.


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