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Re: Alpha xl266

> "P.C." wrote:
> Hi:
>    Has anyone been successful in getting a install on a  Alpha XL266?
> I can get Milo to boot just fine but when booting the kernel I get a
> error to pass ( init= option ) to the kernel.
> I have tried all the usual parameters but have not had any luck. If
> anyone has installed Debian on such a machine
> please let me know what parameters to pass to the kernel.
> Thanks,
>            Preston

I have a XL300 here, which I think is a "kissing cousin" to the XL266 so
maybe my parameters will work for you.  If you can get to the milo
prompt, here is what I use for booting off the boot-floppies:

boot fd0: linux.gz root=/dev/fd0 load_ramdisk=1

I would asume since you are using lilo, that you also have alphabios
installed...may be wrong here.  Some of those came with the ARC cosole,
which uses a different method that I don't know about.  If you are using
alphabios, I would recommend going to the Compaq or DEC ftp sites and
making sure you have the most recent version.

If your problem is booting off the HD, come on back and I will "try" to
help there.  I am NOT a DEC expert by any means....

-Don Spoon-

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