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Re: netscape?

On Fri, 6 Jul 2001, Christopher C. Chimelis wrote:

> > I've also been trying to compile mozilla with g++-3.0 and -O3 and
> > 5 DAYS later it is still compiling.
> Hehehe...only takes an hour or two on my UP2k at work :-P  I'll have to try
> again with the more recent CVS snapshots (haven't done so yet).  I'm hoping
> to get a good package uploaded sooner or later.

	Memory makes the difference. It's also taken that long because g++
dies in the middle of the night due to an optimiser bug or lowish memory
condition. (Yes, c++ had a problem compiling one file with -O3, forgot
which one.)

> Can you send me a patch for the mangling fixes?  I was going to do this
> exact procedure, but just haven't gotten to it yet (been busy porting
> drivers and things to 2.4 kernels).  I wouldn't mind getting a peek at what
> you did with the accessibility stuff as well, although I'll probably fix it
> rather than just returning an error (if possible).

	It's being sent under separate cover. About the accessibility
stuff, I really just did a trivial disabling of the code (commenting out
the body of the function and just returning NS_ERROR_BLABLA. AFAICT those
are issues with the interface generator not generating the correct class
name. (Seeing this code I wonder about the quality of C++ instruction at
my school).


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