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Re: netscape?

mel kravitz wrote:
> A few questions from a newbie..
> 1) kernel sources for smp (as4000), i have 2.2 installed-which kernel
> version woul;d be stable?
> apt-get -f install  (kernel_source?)
> 2) Are there any .deb packages out there for a web browser?-communicator
> or netscape?
> -Mel
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Kernel-version:  I have had good luck with the 2.2.19 kernel here, but I
have a different ALPHA machine so your milage may vary.  I have NOT
tried any of the 2.4.X series kernels so I can't comment except to say
there seems to have been several messages on the trials/tribulations of
getting them to work on a ALPHA.

Web-Browser:  This is a personal problem I have been struggling with
here for quite a while.  There is a RPM version of Netscape avalilabe
from COMPAQ that you can install to Debian Potato using the "alien"
program.  I have done this here, but it seemed to be a bit "flakey", and
would only provide useful browsing on Debian "Potato" for the ALPHA. 
When I upgraded to Debian "testing' or "unstable" it seriously breaks.

I have also tried the "Mozilla" packages.  The versions that comes with
Potato and/or Testing version of Debian-Alpha are rather old and lack a
lot of features.  There IS a newer version in "Unstable" (version
0.9.1-4) that is quite use-able on Intel Arch machines BUT I have had a
dickens of a time getting it running on my ALPHA.  I have tried
installing the binaries, and also d/l the source and building my own
debs, but either way it bombs out on the mozilla-browser.postinst script
leaving that package unconfigured and only partially installed.  Since
the rest of the Mozilla packages depend upon this package being
installed, they bomb-out too.  This is quite mysterious to me because
the EXACT same version with the same "mozilla-browser.postinst" script
installs on Intel-Arch machines just fine!  This obviously is an ALPHA
problem, but I can't figure out where.  I am going to do a separate post
for "help" here on this issue when I collect some more data/info about

Finally, KDE comes with a nice browser (Konqueror) but unfortunately KDE
is not quite yet available for the ALPHA arch.  There was an
announcement just this week that it was finally compiling on the ALPHA
using gcc 3.0, and it is looking better for it to be in Woody when that
distro is released.  I would suspect we will be seeing it available in
"unstable" real soon.  I am anxiously awaiting / anticipating it's

Hope this Info Helps
-Don Spoon-

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