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Dumb questions and a couple of comments.

After reading and rereading the debian docs, let me cut to the chase:
1. what specifically should be in the hda1 partition?
2. exactly how do you get makedev to build the devices in the /dev
3. exactly where does aboot look for the kernel?
4. Has anyone used jumpstart successfully?
Using the Q jumpstart over the past two weeks or so attempting to
load debian, I have found the following:
1. even when I start from scratch, repartitioning the target drive
each time, I still run into nit problems.
2. booting once from the CD, you can mount and remount the target
partitions on hda at least 5 times.  BUT you can not always umount
them.  this was frustrating, having /mnt/hda1 listed 5 times when
I did a mount command.  I think this is a jumpstart feature...

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