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Re: XFree86 4.1.0pre1v1.3 on Alpha

DL> The root of the problem is that the int10 subsystem is extremely broken for
DL> Alpha, at least for the type of Alpha that I have (LX).  After int10 has
DL> done its work, calls to sleep(), usleep(), nanosleep(), etc. never return.


Would you be so kind as to report this upstream?  I would suggest
mailing xpert@xfree86.org.  Please mention that you're not subscribed,
so people can CC you with their replies.

(Oh, yeah: do not expect a speedy reply, everyone's a little burnt out
after the release of 4.1.)

DL> I have to say, the Debian packagaing makes it *much* easier
DL> (albeit time-consuming) for an outsider to approach building the
DL> monster that is XFree86.

  make World
  # go for lunch
  # go for coffee
  sudo make install
  sudo make install.man

How is this difficult?


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