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Re: XFree86 4.1.0pre1v1.3 on Alpha

>As it turns out, one can add an option in the Device Section of the
>XF86Config file:
>        Option  "NoInt10"

Good to know.  I looked for something like that, but it's not
mentioned in the user-side documentation at all.  I tried this and it
does work on my system, but for the record is spelled "NoINT10".

>It would be much better if we could determine what it is about
>running int10 on some cards' BIOS code on an LX that causes problems.

And unfortunately it's a tough nut to crack because it leaves the
system in an unusable state.  Unfortunately I think it's gonna take
some serious code study by someone who's familiar with the minutia of
the LX (or does it die on a Miata too?)

>So, bottom line WRT the patches, is that they provide the best safety
>against uninformed folks using 3DFx cards on LX-style machines, but
>I don't recommend those patches be passed along to XFree86. 

Yes, I agree, since we have the nice option that makes things work
once again.  And now that it's been discussed here, maybe
affected people will actually find the appropriate option via a web

Thanks Jay!


Doug Larrick  doug@ties.org  doug.larrick@compaq.com  AIM: DougLarick

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