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Alpha install question - pc164/jumpstart 141

Sorry if this has already been asked, but I am still going thru the 

I am installing debian, 2.2, via the jumpstart 1.4.1 image from
target machine is a PC164/128MB/IDE drive (20GB), IDE CDROM, ether,
s3VIRGE pci card, 300watt supply, keyboard, mouse.

the hardware works fine. Been running NetBSD on it for 2 years.
Installed the system via the checklist - so I would know what
it was doing and how.  All the checklist stuff works fine.
Booting from CD, installing, all seems to work fine.
Drive is setup:
hda1 is .9g
hda2 is 1.34g
hda3 is the rest of the drive.
booting from hard drive fails.

Booting dqa0 (no flags set or anything) <is this my problem?
the system starts to boot and then comes up with a message:
No concole
Can't find init  

Then it seems to hang.
Having gone thru the install, with the keyboard and console, I don't
understand the "no console" message.

I do not understand what the init fail message is.

Any help would be appreciated.

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