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Re: Correct way to build .deb with -mieee

On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, Adam C Powell IV wrote:

> First, Chris, I do use autoconf, and could do an AM_CONDITIONAL around 
> something like petscgraphics_c_CFLAGS+=-mieee (I'll have to search the 
> automake list archives for the right name there).  What's the right 
> architecture test to use in configure.in?  Something like:
>   AM_CONDITIONAL(IS_ALPHA, test "$ARCH" == "alpha")
> but what can I use for $ARCH?  Or is there a test like AC_NEEDS_MIEEE? 
>  I don't see such things in the autoconf info pages.

There isn't a standard test for detecting whether or not -mieee is
available (at least, none that I know of).  The only workarounds that I've
found were when someone used the host detection bits and conditionalised
on them.  As for what ARCH should be...probably "alpha*-*-linux-*" would
be best (since alpha* is too generic and Tru64 would be impacted).


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