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Re: Correct way to build .deb with -mieee

On Tue, 19 Jun 2001, Adam C Powell IV wrote:

> I have a program (petscgraphics) which, when built without -mieee, fails 
> with SIGFPE (division by zero); with -mieee, works perfectly (still 
> divides by zero, but works anyway).
> So, should -mieee go in debian/rules, something like "CFLAGS=-mieee 
> ./configure --prefix=/usr"?  Or is there a more intelligent way for 
> upstream (me) to put it in, such that it is only used for one source 
> file (petscgraphics.c)?

It's usually ideal to make such changes in the autoconf scripts, unless
the software doesn't use autoconf.  If it doesn't, then the best way may
be to handle it via debian/rules.  Since it's only needed for one file,
though, doing a "blanket" -mieee compilation would probably be overkill...

Hmm...you could probably add some arch detection to the makefile that
contains the target for that file and just conditionalise the CFLAGS for
that file on what arch you're on.


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