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Re: Where is gnuchess 4 for debian alpha?

> On Jun 13, Yann MORERE illuminated with a virtual pen  :

> I would like to play chess on my alpha box, but i didn't find the
> gnuchess 4 package.
running on a woody system.  I think potato will be similar.

beowulf[1]~> apt-cache search chess
3dchess - 3D chess for X11
eboard - A graphical chess program (ALPHA VERSION)
gnome-chess - GNOME Chess
gnuchess - Plays a game of chess, either against the user or against
gnushogi - The Japanese version of chess.
pgn-extract - a Portable Game Notation (PGN) extractor
phalanx - Chess playing program.
scid - Chess database
xarchon - An X11 version of the game Archon.
xboard - An X Window System Chess Board.
xshogi - An X Window System Japanese Chess (Shogi) Board.
crafty - Chess Program

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