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Re: [2.2r3] Status report


Martin Schulze wrote:
> This is a short status:
>   1. boot-floppies for powerpc are promised but still missing.  BenC
>      has uploaded a set for sparc, so we have ia32 and sparc right
>      now.  m68k and arm won't appear soon, nobody cares about alpha,
>      so only powerpc is missing at the moment.
>   2. glibc 2.1.3-18 is missing for alpha, delaying its installation
>   3. e2fsprogs 1.18-3.0potato1 is missing for alpha, delaying its
>      installation
> I'm willing to wait for Drow to create new boot-floppies for powerpc.
> I'm not willing to postpone the delay for *any* missing arch on any of
> the packages that are listed in the 'Further investigation' section.
> They will be delayed for 2.2r4.
> Comments are always appreciated.
> URL: http://master.debian.org/~joey/2.2r3/



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