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Re: overclocking the cache?


> > Not being a big fan of overclocking anyway ( I choose reliablity over
> > performance anytime wrt overclocking ), are there any comments or
> > experiences ?
> I also prefer reliability, but as this is my home "toy-workstation", I just 
> want as much speed as possible for ripping+OGGing CDs and compiling 
> CVS-snapshots of stuff :-)

although I use my systems for work as well, I am also talking about my "home"
systems. I just hate crashes without warnings or apparent reasons in the middle
of some work to do, just because of overclocking.
That is my point: there is nothing worse, than a system that crashes. 

i *really* hate unstable hardware ;-)


Thomas Weyergraf                                                kirk@colinet.de
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