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Re: overclocking the cache?


> On Thu, Apr 12, 2001 at 01:28:50PM +0200, Per Wigren wrote:
> > 
> > I have a PWS433a with 2MB cache. If I set the clockspeed to anything higher 
> > than 433mhz it reports 0MB cache. When I set it back to 433mhz I have the 2MB 
> > cache again. I've tried 500, 533, 566 and 600mhz. It seems to work fine on 
> > all speeds, but without the cache....
> > 
> > Do I have play with some other switch or jumper to make the cache work with 
> > other clockspeeds or am I stuck with 433mhz?

> [ from Jay Estabrook ]
> I'd say your only choice is to upgrade to the cache daughtercard from
> a faster (500 or 600) box, which obviously *will* work at the higher
> speeds.

IMHO, overclocking a 21164(a) is probably not a very good idea in the first place.
It's got a fairly large on-die cache that - given the manufacturing process - would
create a severe thermal problem of the chip itself.

I was able to overclock some of my 164LXen with 533 21164a to 600Mhz with reliable
results, but switched back to 533 Mhz due to the above thoughts.

Not being a big fan of overclocking anyway ( I choose reliablity over performance anytime wrt
overclocking ), are there any comments or experiences ?

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