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Fortran compiler


I'm trying to get the Fortran compiler to run on a DS20 machine under
Debian (mostly woody).  I used the ccc debian packages to install the
C compiler stuff, and used alien to convert cfal-1.0.2-1.alpha.rpm
and cfalrtl_rh60-1.0.1-2.alpha.rpm into *.deb packages, and then
installed them using dpkg --install.

My problem now is that I can't get fort to stop asking me if I have
a commercial license or not.  I assume this routine is supposed to
stop after you answer 'No' and then agree to the license, but on my
system it keeps asking.  I've tried this as root and as a regular
user and I get nowhere.

Any thoughts?


Christopher S. Swingley         930 Koyukuk Drive
System / Network Manager        University of Alaska Fairbanks
IARC -- Frontier Program        Fairbanks, AK 99775

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