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Re: Requesting a build of distributed-net

On Mon 12 Mar 2001, Joe Drew wrote:

> I haven't got access to an Alpha running woody or unstable, which is needed
> to build the new version of distributed-net for stable. (The package itself
> is binary-only, and therefore runs on any distribution.) Could someone help

AFAICS the package needs woody for building because of use of
dh_installlogrotate, which I'm sure could have been done differently...

> me out by building distributed-net (in proposed-updates, version -potato3) on 
> an alpha? (d-net needs to be updated to the latest version because our 
> extension on the copyright says that with every new version of debian we should
> have the latest version of distributed-net in stable; it wasn't possible to 
> do so for potato's release, but I'm trying to get it in now.)


Paul Slootman
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