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Re: DS20E, SMP


> On Mon, Mar 12, 2001 at 09:18:13AM -0900, Christopher S. Swingley wrote:
> > 
> > Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that it's safe to put SMP into the
> > 2.4 kernels, at least not on alpha. . .

>[ Jay A Estabrook replied ] 
> Does your SMP kernel not boot, or does it go bad after running a while?
> I've been running a pair of DS20s with stock 2.4.1 built with EGCS 1.1.2
> with no problems to speak of, either GENERIC or DP264.
> Others on this list have had quite a few problems trying to generate a
> working kernel using GCC 2.95.2. I do not know if later 2.95.x solve the
> problem, but believe there may be a recent thread on this list that sheds
> light on the subject.

I've gone through 2.4.0, 2.4.1 and now run 2.4.2 on an UP2000, which is ( from the
kernel perspective ) a DS20/20E. I have never encountered any problems with
these kernels in my setup, except those being fixed in subsequent releases.

As a base installation, i run Debian 2.2.0 with some upgrades towards 2.2.2. However,
it is *strongly* recommended following the necessary upgrades to system-level
packages as in ~kernelsrc/Documentation/Changes. Read them carefully and upgrade
the packages in question. They are not available in any .deb format yet ( not even 
in woody AFAIK ), so compiling them yourself is recommended. 

I do compile my kernels with GCC 2.95.2, however, i use a very conservative approach
to the kernel config.

IMHO, kernel 2.4.x is definitely a plus on SMP Alphas, so you might want to get
that running. In order to give any assistance, some more info is needed:

1. Does the crashing kernel leave any logs ? ( see /var/log/messages )
2. How does your .config look like ?

If you like, forward this data and I'll look at it.

2.4.2 *really* should run on the DS20E with some effort.


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