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Jensen kernel 2.2.18 and parport

Hello fellow friends of obsolete hardware!

During the last week, whilest migrating from my soon retired jensen to my
new old as1000 I discovered that generic kernel compiles for kernel 2.2.18
do not work on jensens. This behaviour is not unlike that seen in kernels
2.2.14 to 2.2.17. The symptom is that generic kernels do not boot
completly, but hang at a certain point forever. In kernels upto (and
including) 2.2.17 this point was after the kswap line, in 2.2.18 this is
after the parport line (following directly the kswap line).
	This hang does not mean, that the parport-support is broken. It
simply is the xcaused by the non-working genericness of the kernel. If
Jensen instead of Generic is used in the .config file the kernel will
probably boot. At least that works for me (tested with the same options
for Jensen and generic). The generic kernel works on my as1000 though.
	So the take home message is: always build specific kernels on
jensen type machines (does this also affect culzen?).

	Sebastian Moeller

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