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Re: Potato on a PC164 system

Hi Jason,

Did you use the right type (differential ! ) terminators on that
( neat !) adaptec 3944 (both channels ?)


micha044@tc.umn.edu on 08-09-2000 04:48:49 PM

To:   debian-alpha@lists.debian.org
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Subject:  Potato on a PC164 system

Has anyone got potato to successfully install on a PC164-based system?

I've got one, @500 MHz with symbios (538XX) and adaptec (3944UWD) SCSI
boards, a 3C905B NIC, and a Millennium II 16MB video card.

The kernel appears to hang right after scanning the SCSI buses. At the
moment, there is nothing connected to either SCSI card, so they could come
out for experimental purposes. I also tried booting off the slink
floppies, again as an experiment; This time, the install proceeded all the
way to the point where I started to install base. Needless to say, I need
a stack of more reliable floppies.

Any ideas?



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Getting a SCSI chain working is perfectly simple if you remember that
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